Resting in God.


Anxious. Frustrated. Drained.

You’ve been trying to figure out how things would work out but the more you try, the more frustrated you get.

Oh no, you have a deadline to meet, nothing seems to be working and time is no longer on your side – you are fussing.

“I’m probably not doing enough. I need to do more. ”

Most times all we need to do is REST.

Luke 10: 41-42

41-42 The Master said, “Martha, dear Martha, you’re fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. One thing only is essential, and Mary has chosen it—it’s the main course, and won’t be taken from her.”

So many times we  want to have everything figured out. We want to try to make it happen. We feel God is not doing enough so we need to make a MOVE.

The thing is this: it is not in our place to figure out how things would work out. It is not our job to try to make things happen. All He wants us to do is to BE STILL & trust that He is able.

When we feel the need to do much and begin to try to make things work we are indirectly saying “God I don’t trust you. I don’t think you can do this, so I think I need to help you. ”

The rest of God is not a rest from work – it is a rest from striving outside of Him. 

Can you imagine trying to push a truck yourself? You will end up worn out and frustrated. Now imagine sitting in the truck while someone else drives it. How relaxing  right? That’s what happens when we rest in God! When we rest in God, we are no more trying to push the truck ourselves, we are simply sitting in the truck with God and trusting Him to drive.

In rest, there’s no worry, frustration or anxiety. In rest, your peace is assured.


Matthew 11:28-29

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.


Song recommendation : Enter the rest of God by Brian Doerksen 👉 Here

Blessings 💕





22 thoughts on “Resting in God.

  1. I love Brian Doerksen. I remember sending him a mail about 3 years ago asking for some of his old songs, and you won’t believe his wife responded to me 🥰
    As for your post, it is apt, even in this season when everyone seems to be running around like headless chickens, forgetting that God calls us into His rest. Thanks for sharing, sis.

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      1. No, I didn’t expect a response at all. We had one of his cassettes when I was much younger, my dad bought it on one of his many trips. I loved the songs and really couldn’t find that particular compilation online, so I was left with the option of contacting him. I was amazed when I got the response from his wife with some of the songs I asked for attached to the email. Amazing!

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  2. Great post per usual. This is so true. In our inpatience, we think that we ought to be doing more. Our timeline isn’t the Lord’s timeline. It’s important to get to a place in our journey that we stop and ask Him what’s the next move we need to make. When we wait on Him then we don’t have to adopt the feeling of anxiety and frustration. Your right. We must trust Him and when we try to move ahead of Him it shows our lack of trust. Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

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